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Technical Rope Access provides a quick and flexible, cost-effective, environmentally-sound alternative to scaffolding, cranes and similar for difficult-to-reach locations.

Why You Need Rope Access?

Quick Access

Setup of ropes requires only a fraction of the time required for cradles, and a miniscule amount of the time for scaffolding.

This enables us to do ‘small’ jobs such as easily removing a single air conditioning unit; as well as reducing downtime when doing larger, multi-abseil jobs.

Difficult to Reach Places

Ropes allow us to fit into small spaces, such as gaps between buildings, or awkwardly-angled balconies, beams, etc.

It is the only possible choice for many situations.

Rapid Response

We can be on site, and solving your critical problem within an hour if need be, be it falling masonry, a loose mast, plumbing problems, changing a light bulb, cabling crises or similar.

Tailor Made Solutions

The inherent flexibility of Rope Access and the highly-trained nature of our team allows us to tailor-make a unique solution to your specific problem; such as running fire systems in ceiling beams over a busy factory floor.

Time Constraints

The ease of deployment of rope access is invaluable in time-critical inspections, cleaning or maintenance where shut-downs and work stoppages cannot happen.

Aesthetics & Security

No unsightly scaffold that stands in place for weeks or months, Ropes are withdrawn daily; and only small areas are worked on by any access team at one time; leading to minimal disruption, no security risks, and no ungainly structures to spoil the beauty of your building..


Rope access is proven to be far more cost-effective than scaffold or cradles.
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